Thank You WPAOG and West Point Women

I have just returned from the West Point Women’s Summit and want to extend many thanks to the West Point Association of Graduates and the Women of West Point.  Everyone made me feel so welcome and I enjoyed my visit to the United States Military Academy very much.  I appreciate the efforts the Alumni Support Staff extended on my behalf.  Huge thanks to Nadia, Lexie, Nicole, and Debbie for helping me set up and making sure that I had everything I needed.  I want to offer a special thank you to Jim for his suggestions and recommendations which made my visit to the Academy grounds so memorable.  The Alumni Gift Shop sales associates were most welcoming and very helpful.  I didn’t get a chance to meet Norma, as she was attending a conference elsewhere.  However, Kim made sure that I was given full support.  I especially enjoyed meeting Marguerite, the talented graphics artist who does such fine work with the layout of WEST POINT Magazine.  The final person I would like to mention is the one with whom I have worked most closely:  Amelia Velez.  It was wonderful meeting her at last after months of email exchanges.  Throughout the process, she has been professional as well as warm and supportive.

The women graduates and current cadets of West Point were most gracious in permitting me to share in their Summit.  As many of you know, my only claim on the Army is that of an Army brat so, while I have a great deal of empathy for the professional officer cadre, I don’t share in their background of attending the Academy or serving in uniform.  I was impressed by the caliber of the women and the care they had for each other and for the service they have given and are giving currently.  West Point has a long history of turning outstanding leaders for our country; both in the military and civilian realms.  The women certainly adhere to those high standards and their contributions and sacrifices reflect the same sterling qualities as those of the legends who graduated from the Academy from the time of its inception in 1802.  I didn’t have the opportunity to speak to everyone but I enjoyed the conversations I did have as well as just sitting and observing the affection and closeness that these women share.  From the women of the first class to graduate in 1980 to the cadets from the Class of 2016, everyone was so gracious in their efforts to make me feel comfortable and at ease.

I enjoyed meeting Anne and Joan, especially, since, if my own life journey had taken a slightly different turn, we may well have been classmates.  Doris came upon me climbing up a hill and must have thought me a bit balmy when she asked me if I was lost and I could only blather about having just found the old train station.  So many took the time to stop and speak briefly to me that I’m afraid I can’t mention everyone without creating a very long list.  Hopefully, many of you will let me know what you think of the story that I wrote for you and we can continue our conversations via email.  I also have some of the PIN Codes left for free eBooks (Books II – V).  If you would like to receive one or more, just send an email to and let me know which book or books you would like to read.  Remember, Book I:  SHADOW OF THE FLAGS is free already on most of the eBook retail sites (Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, ITunes, etc.).  I only have a few codes so it will be first come first served.

Thank you to everyone for making my first visit to West Point one that I will remember for a very long time.

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