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One of the things that I enjoy tremendously is to hear from those who have read one or more of my books.  I try very hard to answer any emails that I receive or comments here on the blog.

I treat reviews on the retail and book club sites differently, however.  To me, such reviews are by readers for other readers.  While I read every one that I encounter, I rarely respond and then only in a case where there might be incorrect information.  For example, I commented once when the reviewer attributed the work of another writer to me to ensure that I was not given credit for another writer’s book. 

From time to time, I receive requests to write another historical series dealing with a different family and profession.  It delights me that you’all share your treasured ideas with me and believe that I can do justice to some of your favorite historical characters and eras.  Certainly, the history of our country, while briefer in span than that of England or Russia or China, has its own wealth of stories to explore.  At this time, however, I’m a bit hampered due to having to work a full-time job.  Nothing would give me greater joy than to spend all day, every day, weaving the stories that you’ve asked me to write.  Unfortunately, for now, I don’t have that option.  Until that happy day comes, all I can promise is that I’ll do my best not to keep you waiting too long between books.  There may be an occasional surprise along the way and I will keep you posted here. 

Thank you all so much for giving me some of your precious reading time.  There are so many wonderful stories out there and I appreciate it that you choose to spend some of your time in my world of historical fiction.

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